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• You will get an excellent results
• In odorless "dentistry"
• With the best equipment from Germany
• From professionals
• At a good price
Why people choose us?
We will provide you with quality service from dental professionals using the most modern
equipment and materials.
Successful implantations
Ceramic restorations
Rescued from tooth extraction
We care about cleanliness and comfort for everyone. Most of our clients have completely ceased to be afraid of doctors precisely after visiting Double.Dental

On the picture:
Patient - Jason Nguevo (SportLife coach)
Doctor - Anton Martynenko
How to overcome fear and go to the dentist?
Many people from childhood are afraid to go to the dentist having an unforgettable experience of treatment in the old clinic. This fear is very difficult to overcome even for adults. After a visit to Double.Dental, your understanding of modern dentistry will change for the better forever.
In tune with the times
Microscopic treatment with magnification up to 25 times provides consistently better results.

Our SmartOPTIC microscope - with optics from Germany.
Our Team
We gathered in one team, rejecting all the vestiges of Soviet medicine and created a dental center with the highest possible quality of services and relations between the patient and his doctor.
Vasily Yaremko
Dentist surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist,.
Igor Zburin
Dentist surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist,.
Olga Tuizyukova
Anton Martynenko
Really top equipment
We do not give out the Chinese innovations for "modern equipment", we use the best from Germany.

Our top dental chairs with LED - Sirona Intego
(Made in Germany).
Why is it good with us?
Now it is not difficult to assess the quality of our services. To do this, there are many macro photos, examples and pictures before and after.
Smart specialists will work with you
Over 8 years of work, we have studied many materials, techniques and technologies in order to get excellent results.
We are always ready to help you.
24-hour support for our customers.
Well, of course, gifts!
We often give nice and useful gifts to our customers. For example, now with every brushing you get a cool toothbrush.
Average prices
We work at average market prices for our segment, providing excellent dental services.
The latest digital dental chairs from the world leader Sirona. Made in Germany specifically for our clinic. X-ray with wifi, how are you?
The best reviews about us
Продюсер Ольги Фреймут
Анна Пагава
"Огромное спасибо Василию Петровичу за помощь!".
Певец. Участник "Новой волны"
Анатолий Шпарев
"Отбеливаю зубы в Дабл Дентал. Я певец и моя улыбка должна сиять со сцены! Отличные ребята!".
Директор мультибрендового магазина одежды Villa Gross-
Зоя Свитюк
"Я благодарна Дабл Дентал в первую очередь за свое здоровье, ну и конечно же комфорт! Спасибо!".
Фотограф Dubai BBC Food East
Макс Поречкин
"Больше спасибо Игорю за его профессионализм!".
Глава Ассоциации факторинговых компаний Украины "УкрФактор"
Павел Ружицкий
"Я и моя семья уже много лет лечатся у докторов Дабл Дентал. Все отлично!".
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Innovecs Software
Вероника Аркатова
"Очень классные специалисты! ".
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